Kemal Kongar

McGill '21
Computer Science and Political Science


Software Developer @ DDMAL

Currently working on the Single Interface for Music Score Searching and Analysis (SIMSSA) project for the Distributed Digital Music Archieves & Libraries Lab at McGill University. My work mainly involves writing Python libraries for the Optical Music Recognition process.

On my off-time I enjoy writing and editing articles at the Contemporary Review of Genocide and Political Violence, where I was elected as the Editor-in-Chief. Our articles can be found at


Currently working on:
Bach's Canon per Augmentationem in Contrario Motu

While I dipped my toes into the world of Finance with the internetstockpicks project, I've been studying up on quantitative analysis in order to delve deeper into the field. Having just finished Bernstein's Investor's Manifesto, I'm currently reading A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel.

I'm very passionate about music and picked up the guitar when I was 15. While I still enjoy it, I've recently shifted my focus to the piano. My aim is to one day play the entirety of Bach's Art of Fugue -- my favourite work of music.